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Events, weddings, celebrations and more. Why us to organize your event?  Because we are a turnkey solution from start to finish.

From the invitations, to the valet parking and even the days after the event, we are a worry-free solution, so that everything goes smoothly, whatever your event aboard our spectacular yachts.

In a few words

We can define event management as the process of designing, planning, executing and producing parties, celebrations, meetings, entertainment and any event that involves the presence of an invited audience.

Generally, event organization includes the creation of various tasks and their assignment to human resources within a budget and a time frame with a completion date.

All these tasks must be performed in accordance with the purposes of the event and the client’s preferences in order to meet an objective.

We asked ourselves how, when, where and why your events

Based on this, we can create a calendar with the planning (Gantt Chart) and in the following meetings we will show you what the progress has been and how we will execute the next steps.

In Yachts N' Roses we know about yours events:

  •  What is the quality process that we must follow so that the organization of your events meets all the objectives that you propose and minimize the risks.
  • All the resources you need! and we know how to organize an event and the importance of selecting the right suppliers to form a solid portfolio that allows us to have backup and contingency plans in case of unforeseen situations.
  • Manage deadlines so that planning is time sensitive and can be scheduled to meet your objectives and the wishes of your guests.
  • These timelines help us control the vendor process and track the scheduling of your event.
  • To deal with setbacks in any phase: pre-production, post-production and closing of an event, something that only our experience can provide.
  • We also know what are the main food services to consider when planning an event and how to present them in a food and beverage menu.
  • Yachts N’ Roses puts at your disposal different tools to offer a complete catering service for an event, including its production phases.
  • We carry out all kinds of theme parties and set-ups: classic and avant-garde, which will allow you to know what kind of services you will offer to your guests.
  • Accurate cost management: how much the production of your event will cost you, that’s why we know which are the data we must take into account for the cost of the execution of an event, such as operating expenses, administration, suppliers and those directly related to the event: food, wines and liquors, location, among others.
  • Last but not least, at Yachts N’ Roses we help you with the publicity of your event both in the real world and on the Internet.


Miami Beach

Miami Beach is an island city in South Florida, so its islands, beaches and sea are part of it, its landscape and its life.

So living the city and enjoying it implies that relationship at some point with its nautical world that is so Miami.

To be able to say: I know or have lived Miami, you have to sail! You know what they say that life is tastier at sea and since not everyone has a boat or a yacht, Yachts N’ Roses makes it easy for you with its boat rentals.

Renting yachts or boats in Miami with us can be for hours, days or as long as you want, we also offer yacht charters with all inclusive plans!

Onboard events make them epic, extraordinary, remarkable. We help you. Yachts N' Roses: Miami Yacht Charters